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Kline's, German engineered paint has stood the test of time for over 30 years, Klass Coatings Silicone Resin Paints.

Wall and facade coatings must fulfil various functions. They must protect the outer walls construction against the effects of rain, pollution, and chemical attack. For a healthy building the facades must be able to breathe by allowing moisture within the substrate to easily escape. They must be durable and maintain the facades pristine appearance by resisting dirt pick-up and prevent chalking and fading caused by UV light.

The difference to elastomeric paints & conventional acrylics

This type of paint is effective at preventing water penetration from the outside, but breathability is compromised. In severe circumstances trapped moisture causes the film to bubble and blister or the substrate can sweat allowing carbonisation to form, thus causing more expensive maintenance "concrete cancer".

Concrete continues to breath, acrylic & elastomeric paints will allow moisture to pass into the concrete, this moisture contains salt and other containments that will permeate the concrete (carbonisation) thus reaching the steel i.e. concrete cancer.

Chalking and fading is considered normal as the UV breaks down the acrylic resin and colourants. In warm weather, dirt pick-up can become an issue as the film becomes soft and tacky and the appearance may be less than before the warranty ends. This warranty is for only 7 years and before you know it, you will be painting the building again. The paint itself is not expensive, the labour and safety requirements is what costs the most.

Why use Silicon Resin paints?

Silicone resins are primarily responsible for the properties of weather resistance, water repellency, gas permeability and durability proven over 30 years in the field. Silicone Resin paints have a 15 year warranty, this allows your building to look newer for longer as the rain will wash your building clean as dirt cannot stick, our paint doesn't become soft and sticky.

The concrete is able to breathe without any moisture permeating into the structure, thus protecting the concrete and steel from salt moisture and other contaminates. Your building is cleaner for longer.

Silicon Resin ( PDF )

Few improvements can increase the value & appearance of property as inexpensively as painting.

Our products:

Clear primer Silane / Siloxane /Acrylic,

Si-prime is a highly effective clear water based primer based on silanes, siloxane and acrylic. It equalises surface porosity to ensure even application of subsequent top coats.

Si-prime is highly water repellent (hydrophobic) and helps to bind and consolidate weak or powdery surfaces. It is designed to penetrate and has a low viscosity. It protects the top-coats from attack from moisture and salts from inside the substrate.

Si-prime is highly breathable so is fully compatible with silicone resin topcoats where breathing is important. Ideally suited for render, concrete, FC sheet, masonry and all mineral substrates. Si-prime is not a standalone product, it must be top coated.

Primer / Sealer / Undercoat
High Adhesion Acrylic

Underprep is a premium acrylic for interior and exterior use. Underprep has superior adhesion on most substates including new and prepainted surfaces and is excellent in restoration work where a variety of substrates present themselves after stripping. Underprep has excellent hold out when compared to traditional undercoats; Underprep can be over coated in one hour @25oC &50% relative humidity. Underprep will take 7 days to fully crosslink and reach maximum adhesion.

Silicone Resin Exterior Paint – Matt finish

SI-REX03 has a 15 year warranty and the can last up to 30 years if maintained before repainting is required. Unfortunately our competitors who use the more traditional emulsion acrylics must paint within 10 years. Whose product will you choose? Considering the SI-REX03 will almost triple the life of our competitors for almost the same cost.

SI-REX03 is state of the art coating formulated for use on concrete and masonry substrates. Using an advanced silicone resin binder, it delivers a sophisticated looking mineral matt finish with outstanding performance benefits.

SI-REX03 is unique because it protects the substrate with excellent water repellancy while allowing the substrate to breathe almost unhindered. This unique property lowers the relative humidity of the substrate over time. A dry substrate prevents corrosion, degradation and maximises insulation performance.

Mould & Algae, prefer damp and organic rich areas to grow, because the surface is kept dryer for longer SI-REX03 prevents the growth of these Micro-organisms from taking hold and soiling the surface. Especially in our tropical, warm and humid environment.

SI-REX03 provides strong surface beading also provides a self cleaning effect. Every time it rains, the water literally washes the dirt away, this innovative features keeps the surface look cleaner for longer.

The silicone resin doesn't just provide water-repellency, it's tough, Quartzlike structure acts as "reinforcing" giving SI-REX03 excellent weather resistance. SI-REX03 will resist chalking and will well outlast by double, conventional paint systems. Longer repainting intervals means less cost to you.

While durability and protection are the key benefits of SI-REX03, it's the look and finish that people notice!

The mineral matt surface eliminates all gloss and side sheen. This allows colours to appear clean and true whilst hiding the surface irregularities which are unavoidable in mineral substrates.

By only using the most durable and fade resistant inorganic oxide pigments, we have an earthy colour range that perfectly suits concrete and masonry surfaces. This combination of earthy colours and matt finish avoids the "plastic-coated look" of conventional paint systems. SI-REX03 provides a softer, established and natural look that conveys a sense of quality.

Octyl Silane Cream

Cremsil is an Octylsilane based thixotropic cream used for structural protection of concrete substrates. It can be used as a standalone product high performance primer for the SI-REX03.

The cream format and high active content (80%) ensures a very efficient application without evaporative loss even on walls & soffits, the cream format also enables deep penetration into high quality concrete and therefore providing excellent durability.

The Cremsil cream penetrates and reacts with the concrete and forms a polymeric silicone resin providing a very strong and durable covalent bond to the substrate and great water repellancy through the penetration zone.

The water repellancy of the penetrated zone should not be confused with surface beading. Cremsil will reduce ingress of chloride Ions and water by (90%) or more. It dramatically increases the service life of concrete structures in harsh coastal environments where exposure to chloride Ions from salt water is a major problem.

Masonry water repellent, silane / siloxane

Trexsil is water based, low viscosity blend of silanes and siloxanes. It is used to protect porous mineral based substrates by creating a water repellent layer on the surface and in the penetrated zone.

Trexile does not form a film and is not visible after application other than telltale water beading when wet. It works by depositing a water repellent compound in the substrate pores and capillaries and creating very strong covalent bonds to minerals in the substrate.

By limiting water intrusion, Trexsil helps to present efflorescence and degradation keeps the surface dry which minimises dirt pick-up and growth of micro-organisms.

Trexil is suited to more porous mineral substrates rather than concrete. For protection of concrete Cremsil is recommended as the preferred product for concrete.

Old Parliament House, Canberra - Heritage

Property Services have completed Stage 1 of the repainting program of the iconic Old Parliament House building in Canberra, Australia. With multiple layers of old paint and structural cracking the building fabric was laden with moisture. Si-Prime, Si-Rex03 and Underprep was chosen as the new coating system after extensive consultation with the client and architects. Apart from the matt finish and 15 year warranty it was the capacity to breathe that tipped in favour of using as silicone resin based coating system. Old Parliament house will join the White House and Kremlin to be painted in a Silicone Resin Paint systems.

Saigon East West Highway - Infrastructure

Saigon East West Highway project was completed recently. Si-Rex03 was orignally specified by Maunsell (now AECOM) and was built by Obayashi of Japan. All bridges totalling approximately 250,000Sqm had Si-Prime and Si-Rex03 applied in colour ASF 1373. This system has become a standard colour and features prominently in the emerging infrastucture landscape of Ho Chi Minh City where bridges such as Thu Thiem, Nu Van Cu, Rach Chiec, Phu Long and other are also coated with Klaas Si-Rex03 in colour ASF1373. The project was managed buy our Vietnam distributor INTAC.

One Rockwell, Manila - Construction

Rockwell Land Corporation is the pre-eminent high end developer in the Philippines. One Rockwell is the the third project applied in Si-Prime & Si-Rex03 for Rockwell. This landmark project in Manila consists of 2 towers of 52 and 44 floors in precast concrete concept design was by Arquitectonica of Miami, USA and local design by PRSP and built by Datem. The application was undertaken by our distributor in the Philippines Weltanchaung.

Soleil - Commercial

Schoenauer Painting Contractors have completed Si-Rex03 application on the tallest building in Brisbane, Australia. Opening in the beginning of 2012 and at 243m tall it has been developed by the Meriton, Australias largest residential apartment developer. The durability, matt finish and 15 year warranty plus capacity to breathe that tipped in favour of using as silicone resin based coating system for the external vertical columns. The colour match was to Pantone 432U.

Arya - Commercial (In-Progress)

Arthaland are making a bold statement in the high-end property market in Manila. Arya is the first LEED certified residential tower in Manila and we are contributing our expertise in Low VOC, high performance green Coatings. Zero VOC Decolife is being used in the building common areas and Si-Prime/Si-Rex03 on externals. The design is by leading Australian architectural firm Crone Partners. The main contractor is Datem and applicator is Weltanchaung.

Arya - Commercial (In-Progress)

Phu Long Bridge Project, Vietnam project was completed recently. Si-Rex03 product was approved by DOT of Ho CHi Minh City Urban Trafic Management No.3 with design engineering provide by Britec. The Contractor was Dong Hai Corporation. Phu Long and as with many other bridges in HCMC other are protected by Klaas Si-Rex03 in colour ASF1373. The project was managed by our Vietnam distributor INTAC. The total area is 28,000Sqm of material. The bridge 597m crossing Sai Gon river

Rach Chiec Bridge - Infrastructure

Rach Chiec Bridge Project, Vietnam project was completed recently. Si-Rex03 product was approved by DOT of Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC) Urban Trafic Management No.2 with design engineering provide by Britec. There was a consortium of contractors including Thang Long, Cienco 1, TLC 181 and 171 JSC. Rach Chiec and as with many other bridges in HCMC other are protected by Klaas Si-Rex03 in colour ASF1373. The project was managed by our Vietnam distributor INTAC. The total area is 27,800Sqm of material. The bridge 736m and receives the highest traffic density in Vietnam.

The Grove (Stage 1) - Commercial

Rockwell Land Corporation is the pre-eminent high end developer in the Philippines. The Grove has used the klaas Si-Prime & Si-Rex03 system. The project is designed by PRSP and built by Hilmarcs Construction Corporation. The application was undertaken by our distributor in the Philippines Weltanchaung.

Tech Corner

Silicone Resins - Why we base our exterior formulations on this unique system.

Silicone Resins are a hybrid of inorganic and organic chemistry that possess the extreme durability and stability of inorganic (Carbon-less) materials (think of the silicone as quartz sand on the beach) and the unique properties of organic materials (water repellency & reactivity). It is a perfect marriage that provide remarkable performance benefits.

It is the Silicone Resin that enables us to formulate coatings that are resistant to UV, are highly breathable yet stop water penetration. They keep the surface dry as can be seen by the water beading effect, preventing mould and algae growth and have a self cleaning effect.

Our expertise in these advanced materials have allowed us to produce products that go to work every day. They are effective, reliable and as easy to apply as a regular paint. The development process to adapt this technology to harsh Australian/Asian conditions has been especially rewarding. In 2013 Si-Rex03 will be 10 years old and will have been applied to millions square meters with virtually all applications still going strong.